Ford done some pretty wild things when it comes to integrating sustainable practices into its current model lineup. From using soy foam in almost all of its vehicles, to using REPREVE fabric for the seating of the new 2016 F-150, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Ford even went so far as to use coconut fibers to create durable, eco-friendly trunk liners. However, now Ford stands poised to pioneer a new frontier of sustainability, and clean up the atmosphere while doing so!

Ford saw two major issues that needed to be addressed: carbon emissions and plastics manufacturing. Plastics manufacturing accounts for four percent of the world's petroleum usage, and carbon emissions represent a major factor in global warming. But by using captured carbon emissions to create usable plastics and foam for its vehicles, Ford could tackle both these issues, and engineer a more sustainable vehicle in the process.

Best of all, these plastics created from this process match up to Ford's rigorous quality testing, meaning they can be used throughout the vehicle, potentially saving over 600 million pounds of petroleum use per year. So if you're looking for a truly sustainable vehicle, look no further than Ford's 2016 model lineup. Visit us at Lithia Ford Missoula for a test drive today!