One Tough Truck – The Ford F-150

If you’re in the market for a full-size pickup, you can take a look at the Ford F-150. It’s proven its worth to many drivers who have taken their trucks with them on all sorts of adventures related to work and pleasure.

The F-150’s body has been built with high-strength aluminum alloy. This material is military-grade and has been strengthened using special heat treatments. The aluminum alloy is now stronger and thicker than it was in the past without adding any extra bulk. The 2018 F-150 actually weighs less than previous model years....

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Which 2018 Ford Fiesta Will You Choose?

Thinking about getting a Ford Fiesta? If so, you have a lot of choices to make. This popular compact car comes in a couple of different configurations and is available with a wide selection of exterior design options.

The first thing you'll need to decide is the build. You can choose to get the Fiesta in a traditional sedan build or a hatchback. Both offer sleek exterior styling and plenty of color. There are 10 exterior colors available. These range from neutral grays to eye-catching hues like Hot Pepper Red and Outrageous Green.

Come see the 2018 Ford Fiesta…

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What's Under the Hood of the Ford Focus Electric?

The Ford Focus Electric is a small sedan that heavily prioritizes efficiency and reductions in emissions. As the name implies, this compact car doesn't use a single drop of fuel.

The electric motor that propels this Ford sedan can generate a peak output of 108 kW. Cooled by liquid, the lithium-ion battery pack has the capacity to store a maximum of 33.5 kWh. According to accurate analysis that was done by the EPA, the Focus Electric has a fuel economy of 118 MPGe in the city and 96 MPGe on the highway. You could rely on the trademark…

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Ford EcoSport Technology Features

When you are looking for the best car for you and your family, there are few if any that are becoming as popular as what you are going to find in the Ford EcoSport. Whether driving around [city] and seeing them or just browsing online and noticing how popular they are, it's hard to get away from them.

One of the reasons this compact SUV has become so popular is because of all the technological advances that have been packed into the vehicle. There is the Apple CarPlay that comes with the Ford Sync. There is also the ability…
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The New Ford Flex: Ready and Waiting and Fully Equipped

The Ford Flex is quickly emerging as one of America's favorite SUVs. This three-row midsize vehicle leads its class in innovative technology features, designed to make driving more convenient and more fun. The standard rearview camera boasts a backup assist grid enabling drivers to get out of any sticky driving and parking situation. The available adaptive cruise control takes the challenge out of maintaining a steady speed while providing assistance in detecting slowing traffic.

Why look further than the Ford Flex for all of your SUV needs? This roomy and technologically advanced...
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Spend Some Time in the Ford Fusion Energi at Lithia Ford of Missoula

The Ford Fusion has a special place in the hearts of many auto enthusiasts. These American workhorses are familiar to many but not particularly sought after. The current trend for Ford is to use the Fusion line as a way to introduce more eco-friendly propulsion options. These include forays into all-electric Ford Fusion models as well as hybrids like the Ford Fusion Energy.

The long-term performance of the Ford Fusion Energi should be comparable to previous hybrid options built on other Ford platforms. Ford claims this vehicle should run up to 150k miles, but it is likely to run...

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Safety Technology in the Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is a vehicle that can be used for both commercial and personal purposes. Many companies utilize this vehicle for in town deliveries. It is also useful for taking trips with the family.

The Ford Transit Connect has several innovative technology features that make it safer to drive. This vehicle is equipped with electronic front window defrost. With the push of a button, heating elements embedded between the panels of the windshield melt away frost, ice and snow. The mirrors and the windshield washer fluid portals are also heated. The Transit Connect also feature the
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Take a Closer Look at the Ford Taurus Design Features

If you want to know why so many drivers today consider the Ford Taurus a popular full-size sedan, just look at the design features of this vehicle. Here are two features on the new Taurus.

The new Taurus has LED Taillamps that come standard on all the different models. The way this feature makes you safer on the road is these lights burn brighter than regular lights, so you will be seen easily. Not only will they light faster too, they consume less energy to do so.

The new Ford Taurus has a unique spoiler that has aerodynamic properties for…
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Ford Edge Design Features

Ford initially introduced the Edge as part of its 2007 collection. This sporty midsize SUV remains a popular choice on the market due in part to the innovative styling by the Ford design team. One of the features offered as part of the 2018 model is the availability of the SEL Sport Appearance Package.

The package includes the smooth aerodynamic exterior lines that are featured with the Ford exclusive grille design, dark headlamps, and a rear spoiler. The attention to detail continues with the Edge’s 19-inch magnetic painted wheels. This SUV’s premium sporty design is prominently...

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Ford Explorer Performance Review

Have you seen the new Ford Explorer? The latest engine styles have amped up the power a bit, but the standard engine is all you might need. With a 3.5-liter V6, the base engine puts out 290-horsepower. Drivers have complimented Ford on providing a ton of power in acceleration, giving this SUV a ton of pick up on the road.

You can still get more fuel economy with the EcoBoost versions of this vehicle. The four-cylinder version of the Explorer has a twin-turbocharged engine that gets 280-horsepower. This is the best option for those who are daily commuters because…
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