It is always best to be prepared for everything you can in life. This is especially true when you know that the lease on your Ford is about to expire. You do not want to be left without a car to drive, so Lithia Ford of Missoula would like to tell you about some options that you have.

Purchasing your leased car is easier than you might think. You will receive a letter from Ford shortly in the mail. This will tell you about that option and detail the residual price that you will need to pay. If you want to keep the car, just pay that amount and it is yours.

You are also welcome to just hand the car back in. When you do that, your lease ends and you are under no further obligation. Of course, you still need a car so it might be time to enter into a new lease. Stop by Lithia Ford of Missoula and look at all the new Fords available on the market today.


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