Analysts who examine marketing trends try and figure out why SUVs are popular. So do people who study sociology and pop culture. Different buyers have their reasons for going with an SUV. Spaciousness, comfort, and reliability likely factor in many people's decisions. Overall capability does as well, and the capabilities of the Ford Edge do impress.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) lends a hand to drivers dealing with harsh road conditions. Many SUV drivers are active persons, and their excursions lead them to travel in inclement weather, unfamiliar territory, and more. With the Ford Edge, the drivers not only receive AWD support, but they also access Intelligent All-Wheel Drive assistance. Intelligent AWD relies on technology to balance torque to improve traction. Better traction is always a plus.

Wireless charging is appreciated, too. A unique charging pad makes powering up electronic devices less burdensome. Drivers and passengers won't rely on annoying cables.

See what the full capabilities of the Ford Edge are. Drive one in Missoula after coming to Lithia Ford of Missoula to go on a test drive.


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