Ford Explorer is already a peerless competitor in the three-row SUV category, popular among consumers and critics. Each year brings a new generation boasting enhanced capability, safety and tech features. Our team at Lithia Ford of Missoula loves power, handling, safety and efficiency, but tech features get us excited every time. Here are two Ford Explorer tech features worth noting.

Trailer Blind Spot Coverage

Vehicle blind spot coverage is fantastic in of itself. Explore goes a step further. Its Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) covers its own blind spots on either side as well as the blind spots of any trailer that Explorer happens to be towing. Full blind spot coverage helps you make safer, more informed lane-changing decisions.

Efficient Stop-and-Go

?Traditional stop-and-go traffic in which you repeatedly brake and accelerate slowly is the fastest way to drain your gas tank. Explorer's Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go maintains optimal following gaps for greater fuel economy. Discover even more of Explorer's tech features during an exciting test drive at our Missoula dealership.


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