A Few Popular Ford C-Max Smart Features

When Lithia Ford of Missoula took possession of the all-new Ford C-Max, our team couldn't wait to showcase some of the best features. Here are a couple smart features that attribute towards the popularity of this compact hybrid.

The Ford C-Max comes with the rear back-up camera for helping to give the driver a clearer view of what is directly behind them as they travel in reverse. To activate this system, simply shift the C-Max into reverse, then the center console screen becomes the camera monitor, allowing the driver to easily see anything that might be in the path as moving backwards.

The Enhanced Active Park Assist in the Ford C-Max will basically park the vehicle after finding the perfect space. Activate the system on the center console, then sensors scan the curb for the ideal parking space, prompting the driver to brake, shift, and accelerate, while the steering is done by the system.



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