Have Fun With the Ford Ranger's Technology Features at Lithia Ford of Missoula

Ford keeps moving forward, and you can see this goal realized in their vehicles. The New Ford Ranger has be given a lot of features to help it stand out amongst other midsize trucks, such as its technology features.

Pre Collision Assist

How cool would it be to drive around Missoula in a vehicle that helps sense that you are going to hit another vehicle? Well, that is what you get in the Ford Ranger because of its pre-collision system that not only prepares your brakes the moment it senses danger but warns you about it, too.

Lane Keeping

You do not want to be the vehicle that drifts into another lane accidentally. It can happen to the best of us, but with the lane keeping technology in the Ranger it can happen a lot less. The sensors built into the Ranger warn you that you are drifting and get your attention so that you can correct the issue before putting yourself and others in danger.

The reason we think you are going to have fun with these features is because you'll worry a little less. The fun of driving can be taken up a notch because your truck is now working with you. Come and test drive the Ranger to see if this is the vehicle for you.



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