Is the Ford EcoSport Rated to Tow Trailers?

When Ford engineers were asked to build a compact SUV, one of the first things they asked was if there was a need to make it capable of towing a trailer in or out of Missoula. After some thought, Ford designers came to realize that some family vacations might demand more cargo space than that available in compact SUVs, so the answer to the question was an unqualified “yes.”

The suspension and pulling power built into the Ford EcoSport allows the vehicle to tow a 1,400-pound trailer if the car is equipped with the Turbocharge 1.0-Liter engine. The towing capacity rises to 2,000-pounds if the car comes with the Turbocharged 2.0-Liter motor. To add more pulling versatility to the EcoSport, the engineers added a tow ring to both the front and the rear areas of the frame.

Come to Lithia Ford of Missoula for a demonstration of the towing capability of the Ford EcoSport.



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