Why is the Ford Super Duty a Popular Heavy-Duty Pickup?

The Ford Super Duty is a popular heavy-duty pickup that Ford has described as their toughest heavy-duty pickup. Two examples of its durability features are the military-grade high-strength aluminum-alloy body and the fully boxed frame that's made of high-strength steel.

Aluminum-alloy is lightweight and surprisingly strong, making it a popular material choice for durable, lightweight items. Because Ford was able to save weight on the body by using military-grade high-strength aluminum-alloy, the company was able to add extra durability features to the heavy-duty pickup without making it too heavy. The fully boxed high-strength steel frame helps minimize warping for a sturdy foundation. It allows for a high payload and tow rating.

The Ford Super Duty is a tough heavy-duty pickup that lets you tow and haul loads with greater peace of mind. You can take the Ford Super Duty for a spin at Lithia Ford of Missoula.



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