Spend Some Time in the Ford Fusion Energi at Lithia Ford of Missoula

The Ford Fusion has a special place in the hearts of many auto enthusiasts. These American workhorses are familiar to many but not particularly sought after. The current trend for Ford is to use the Fusion line as a way to introduce more eco-friendly propulsion options. These include forays into all-electric Ford Fusion models as well as hybrids like the Ford Fusion Energy.

The long-term performance of the Ford Fusion Energi should be comparable to previous hybrid options built on other Ford platforms. Ford claims this vehicle should run up to 150k miles, but it is likely to run far longer than that. Earlier hybrid options are still running strong with more than 500k miles and the technology in the Fusion Energi is identical.

Spend Some Time in the Ford Fusion Energi. Visit our showroom in Missoula today!




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