A Pioneering Change to Ford Engineering!

As Ford continues to use forward-thinking strategies to construct their vehicles, and crafts them with innovative amenities, this gets taken to new heights with the hologram technology that got piloted. This technology, called Microsoft HoloLens, can propel the design process and deliver an advanced visual understanding of the vehicle-making process.

The Microsoft HoloLens technology that Ford piloted is able to put the needs of the customers first and deliver an advanced design process. The headset used for the technology uses sensors and delivers impressive hologram images. The engineers and designers can then see the vehicle digitally at numerous angles and even walk around it for a detailed look without the images moving. Not only is this technology pioneering, but it will enable the Ford design process of their vehicles to get completed quicker and more efficiently.

Just like the Microsoft HoloLens that Ford has piloted, they use many other innovative practices with their vehicle design process as well as construction. Come to Lithia Ford of Missoula to get an up-close view at some of the groundbreaking technology that gets incorporated into Ford vehicles that we currently have on the lot.

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